There was a time in the history of our country when you could depend on certain public services for their professionalism, integrity and trustworthiness. These blue collar heroes included your mailmen, milkmen, garbage men and movers. Many knew these fine individuals by their first names and even considered them extended family. Here at Extraordinary Movers we’ve aimed to bring back that classic trust and to serve our clients with the same professionalism and work ethic as those who came before us.

Since its inception in 2003, in a very transient business, Extraordinary Movers has experienced remarkable consistency in its returning customers and on-going referrals. We repeatedly hear from our customers that we’ve restored their faith and have raised the bar in a deteriorating industry. The sad truth is that this level of performance and reliability is highly unusual in our industry, and it is exactly what motivates us to do a stellar job every single time in order to maintain that faith.

A company’s value can also be determined by the fine company it keeps, and we work with some of the best interior designers, movie studios and production companies in town. We also have a global clientele that utilizes our services when they do business in California. These clients use EXTRAORDINARY MOVERS because they know that they can depend on us for a well-executed job every single time. We hope you will give us the opportunity to impress you during your next move, thus restoring your faith in the old American standard of good, trustworthy service.

Kindest regards,
Anthony Fiorin
President & Founder


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We take great pride in providing a level of service that our competitors are unable to reach. You and your belongings are our priority. When you’re ready to begin your move, schedule a date and time with us so we will be ready to serve you!


  • User Testimonials

    If you are looking to move valuable belongings, this is the right place. The name is perfect, Extraordinary Movers.
    -Lionel Deluy

  • User Testimonials

    I was truly impressed with them, start to finish. The move was pain-free and easy, if you can believe it. The proprietor, Anthony was as professional as could be as was his entire team. Everyone was polite and diligent. I've never before experienced a glitch-free move and this one went off without a hitch. Nothing broken, nothing lost. Anthony is organized, efficient and conscientious. I felt very well cared for. I can't recommend them enough. Thank you, EM!
    -Cyia Batten

  • User Testimonials

    Thankfully I found a company who not only alleviated much of the stress a move can cause but one that truly goes the extra mile. Anthony (the owner) who yes was involved in the entire process and his crew were attentive and thorough down to even the smallest detail. I was pleased to have peace of mind at what usually is a chaotic time. Much thanks to them and their most capable hands!
    -Erika Wynne

  • User Testimonials

    These guys are the best!  Extraordinary Movers  care that they do the best job possible.  I‘ve recently used them for my 3rd move and they were meticulous when it came to making sure that my furniture was treated with the greatest of care, not allowing even the slightest ding or scratch.  They have always given me a fair price, been prompt and very professional.  I am happy to refer them to all my friends.

    -James Hogan

  • User Testimonials

    Extraordinary Movers are nothing short of just that, Extraordinary!! I have been working with Anthony and his crew for over a year now and each and every time I am amazed at not only their level of professionalism but their ability to get the job done... no matter what the circumstance! They have literally moved everything from clothing boxes to precious sculptures weighing thousands of pounds with care and precision. Anthony just got us through a particularly difficult situation moving furniture from overseas. Without his international shipping expertise, I don't think our things would have ever made it here. I cannot praise them enough, they are a gem to have as a resource and an amazing group to work with.
    -Blake Mycoskie - Founder TOMS

  • User Testimonials

    You guys are great and all our clients love you! Thanks for you help on this one at the El Rey, we couldn't have done it without you. BTW Sony Legal referred you.

    -Locations Manager

HFC is an umbrella charity that not only supports worthy causes on it’s own but also partners with like-minded organizations who are making positive changes in the world.  HFC has visited Ethiopia and the Western Sahara in support of causes in each region, the first being an orphanage for children inflicted with AIDS called the Awassa Children’s Project and the donation of water filtration devices in partnership with Waves for Water.  The latter was a visit with the Berber people to deliver medical and educational supplies.  HFC welcomes charity partnerships whenever possible, as there can never be too many people working to make the world a better place. Other partners include August Fiorin Menswear. Our application for 501c3 status is in process. Please get in touch if interested in partnering on a project. Let’s team up!

In 2015 Extraordinary Movers has raised $1200 for Humanity for Change and the number is growing. The pot will continue to increase until we identify a project by year's end.

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