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Extraordinary Movers is the number one choice of Film Studios, Production Companies, Legal Departments, and Location Managers for handling and warehousing valuable artwork, antiques, and fine furniture.

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tv and film location department services

tv & film locations

We have vast experience with TV and Film location moves, with over 200 productions under our belt. We prep and transport the entire contents of houses in preparation for location shooting and precisely restore those contents during the strike.

art preparation services

art prep services

When it comes to handling artwork, Extraordinary Movers is entrusted by some of the biggest galleries, private collectors, artists, estates and movie studios with handling and storage of delicate and priceless works.

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We are a full service company with vast knowledge in every aspect of relocation. Take a look at our services.

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Extraordinary Values

There was a time in the history of our country when you could depend on certain public services for their professionalism, integrity and trustworthiness. These blue collar heroes included your mailmen, milkmen, garbage men and movers. Many knew these fine individuals by their first names and even considered them extended family. Here at Extraordinary Movers we’ve aimed to bring back that classic trust and to serve our clients with the same professionalism and work ethic as those who came before us.

Since its inception in 2003, in a very transient business, Extraordinary Movers has experienced remarkable consistency in its returning customers and on-going referrals. We repeatedly hear from our customers that we’ve restored their faith and have raised the bar in a deteriorating industry. The sad truth is that this level of performance and reliability is highly unusual in our industry, and it is exactly what motivates us to do a stellar job every single time in order to maintain that faith.

A company’s value can also be determined by the fine company it keeps, and we work with some of the best interior designers, movie studios and production companies in Los Angeles. We also have a global clientele that utilizes our services when they do business in California. These clients use EXTRAORDINARY MOVERS because they know that they can depend on us for a well-executed job every single time. We hope you will give us the opportunity to impress you during your next move, thus restoring your faith in the old American standard of good, trustworthy service.

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